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Certified Artificial Intelligence Farming Professional (CAIFP)

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Certified Artificial Intelligence Farming Professional (CAIFP)
We educate scientist, young farmers and provide sustainable jobs for societies with A.I. related technology with Certified training Program.
ai farm on hand experience training
Understand AI and Agricultural industry, experience 30+ hours farmland activities and understand how it is transforming our education and jobs around the world.
AIOT SMART Agriculture
Learn how CubeSat, A.I. and AIOT improve agricultural productivity with A.I. growing platform for precision decision making by Renewable energy.
sustainable development job youth
AI Farming technology supports sustainable economic growth with require societies to create high quality agriculture jobs.
sustainable development life on land
Sustainable AI technology to manage farmland, forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss, increase yield.
sustainable development zero hunger
The food and AI agriculture sector offers key solutions for new development, and is central for hunger and poverty eradication.

Certified Artificial Intelligence Farming Professional (CAIFP)
Certification Training Program

Certified Artificial Intelligence Farming Professional (CAIFP) is a training and certification program for candidates who are already working, want to start a new career or sustainable developer in the agricultural industry. CAIFP (which originally Certified Farming Data Analyst) was created in the late 2000s as an agricultural technology and sustainable education program. CAIFP program has been through many changes since its creation. The program is currently owned and managed by the AI Farming Technology University. The group also operates the AI farming technology worldwide.

This program does not require any programming or computer science expertise and is designed to introduce the basics to advance level of A.I. and agricultural jobs to anyone whether you have a technical or farming background or not.
The program requires 30+ hours to complete.

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The CAIFP program is aimed at candidates who want to work in one or more of the following roles:
  • Agricultural Operations Manager
  • Food Scientist
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agronomy Sales Manager
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Agricultural Economist
  • Agricultural Lawyer
  • Teachers
  • Students

CAIFP Certification Program Details

CAIFP certification are offered worldwide through our certificated education center and farmlands. Face to face or online computer tutorial teaching by farming experts and 30 hours farmland operations experience are required.

Each program exam is configured individually, with factors ranging from the following:
  • Number of Multiple Choices questions (50 to 70)
  • Number of Short essay questions (3 to 5)
  • Passing score (60% )
  • Time limit (90 minute)
  • 30 hours of FarmingPractice
If a candidate past an exam and fail to achieve the 30 hours farmland operations, they must wait for next farmland operation season to complete the program. After this, there is a retake waiting period of 12 months for each subsequent failed attempt.

CAIFP Certification Main Focus

The current CAIFP program consists of the following certification tracks:

AI Farming Introduction and concept of Data Collection and Decision Making [CAIFP-001]

Demonstrate an understanding of and use AI Farming technology platform and hardware.

  1. Understand what is AI, its applications and use cases and how it is transforming farming operations
  2. Basic concept of AI Farming technology platform and hardware
  3. Demonstration of AI Farming technology platform for specific farmland

Environment and Plants [CAIFP-002]

To understand the differences between plants and animals, the life cycle of plants, and to gain an initial understanding of the environmental factors that affect plants.

  1. Plants and animals are the same?
  2. Life cycle of 4-5 stages
  3. Key environmental factors required for plant growing

Seed Planting [CAIFP-003]

There are differences in the shape and characteristics of different seeds, the anatomical structure of seeds, and the function of tissue organs.

  1. Plant seed differences on its late germination
  2. Understanding the structure of seeds and the factors that affect seed germination

Seed Germination [CAIFP-004]

To understand the seed germination process intuitively, to analyze the key factors affecting the length of seed germination, and to carry out various types of seed germination.

  1. Seed germination process explanation and principle
  2. Reveal the factors affecting the rate of seed germination
  3. Operating plant seeding process

Growth Process and Influence factors [CAIFP-005]

Analyzing the principle of plant growth, to explore the function and role of the organs of plant tissues, and to influence the influence of external factors on plant growth.

  1. The plant organizations of the function of the detailed description, as well as its role process
  2. Analysis of the outside factors on plant growth principle

Influence of flowering time [CAIFP-006]

To understand the process of plant flowering and the influence of the external environment on plant flowering results.

  1. Plant bud formation process, and internal factors
  2. The structure of the flower and the fruit
  3. Basic skills for Influencing of flowering time

Identifying Plant Pests and Diseases [CAIFP-007]

To summarize the main pests and diseases of vegetables and the period of occurrence, and how to carry out prevention and control.

  1. The impact of pests and diseases on plant growth
  2. Main pests and diseases occurring at all stages of vegetables
  3. How to plan and measures to prevent and control pests and diseases

AI Farming platform, hardware setup and Implementation [CAIFP-008]

Introducing AI farming technology including software and hardware implementation to farmland or operations.  

  1. Learn how to analyze farming data and plan for next action
  2. Setup AI Farming technology platform and hardware
  3. Implement the technology to farmland

Farming operations planning and Practice [CAIFP-009]

Plan and Practice different seeding processes in farmlands, to formulate soil matrix and manage seedling practice with A.I. decision support.

  1. Setup and install A.I. Farming Software and Hardware
  2. Analyze Data and follow A.I. suggestion for farming operations
  3. Based on big data to plan farming operations
  4. Practical soil matrix preparation
  5. Seed treatment, and water absorption
  6. Transfer seedling and its precaution
  7. 30 hours farmland practice

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Our Sustainable AI Farming Technology Course is world first leading AI Farming Technology course which is managed by Consilium Education Company Limited. It is certified by SDG Impact Council and found to be in accordance with the goal of the Sustainable Development Goals Framework.

Management and Program Directors

About AI Farming Technology

We are the AI and SMART IOT innovators in agricultural business,
covers urban, peri-urban and rural areas

A.I. Framing Technology provides analysis services to farmers. Our machine learning products provide clients with a sense of their lands strengths and weaknesses by our self developed hardware.
The emphasis is on preventing defective crops and optimizing the potential for healthy crop production.

AI Farming technology platform is an agricultural intelligent management platform with AI intelligent learning, which is mainly composed of four modules:
1. Monitoring module: Our platform uses different sensors to detect changes in the growth environment of plants.
2. AI Action Planning Smart module: We analyze the data collected by the sensor and upload to AI artificial intelligence platform to analyze whether the environment affects the growth of crops and suggest improvement for the crop growth. In addition, the pests appearing on the sticky board are collected by video screening technology, and the pests and diseases are automatically identified through systematic self-learning.
3. Urban & Rural architecture module: The main difference between urban space and farmland space, which directly leads to different climatic conditions, which makes the difference between cultivated plants and fields in urban space. The module pays unique attention to practical operation and interaction in urban and rural space.
4, Education module: Children know what environment will promote plant growth with the AI platform interaction. Through our AI platform, children, crop experts, farm operators and professor can use the platform to interact and grow food together.

Our main features

We are highly committed to build A.I. platform from Human Experience
Click on the image below to see real action on farmland

aifarmtech ai farm planning

AI farming Platform

Improvement Of farming Through A.I. decison Making, real time Data Collection from AI Farm Tech zigbee Smart v1 And Interaction with Crop Experts

aifarmtech ai smart cubesat ti

AIFarmtech smart v1

real time data collection 4/5G Wifi network smart device developed by AI FARMING TECHNOLOGY LTD.

aifarmtech field engineer

years on farm experience

1000+ AIFarmtech smart v1 have been installed in farmland Worldwide

Patented Algorithms

Applying DBM, Extending CWV and Teaching and Error Correction by LP 

Easy to Use

Easy to use with specific instruction for growing specific crops.

Transparent Farmland Value

Investor able to locate high value farmland for investment.

Crop Expert and Operations Team Support

Our professional team support Technical and operational level tasks.

Low Power AIOT + Cubesat

Innovation on hardware with low power consumption for data collection and communication globally.

Responsive A.I. + Spectrum

A.I. platform collects data from farm directly and crop expert review with farmer daily.

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International Awards and News

Congrats on EBZ and AI Farming Team winning International ICT Award,
Patented Space A.I., Setilelite and IOT Low Power Consumption Green Technology

AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam