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No Poverty, Zero Hunger,
Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable Development Goals To Transform our World

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We Educate young farmers & provide sustainable jobs for farmers with A.I. related technology & promote equality

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ZERO hunger

Standardize the way we grow, Increase Yield by Human Experience & Artificial Intelligence

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sustainable cities & Communities

Create social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural area by effecitive food growing standard for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities


SMART Agriculture

AI Farming technology improves agricultural productivity by self developed smart hardware for monitoring and A.I. platform for decision making.
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Love in Action with Moringa

With our business partner, we also seek to support the underprivileged with new job creation by growing Moringa and share the message of hope to Victims of human slavery/trafficking.
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Study environment data is easy and make it able to use with AI Farming technology platform to Creating Meaningful STEM Experiences. This able to promote plant growth with children interaction.
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We are the innovators in agricultural business covers urban, peri-urban and rural areas

A.I. Framing Technology provides analysis services to farmers. Our machine learning products provide clients with a sense of their lands strengths and weaknesses by our self developed hardware.
The emphasis is on preventing defective crops and optimizing the potential for healthy crop production.

AI Farming technology platform is an agricultural intelligent management platform with AI intelligent learning, which is mainly composed of four modules:
1. Monitoring module: Our platform uses different sensors to detect changes in the growth environment of plants.
2. AI Action Planning Smart module: We analyze the data collected by the sensor and upload to AI artificial intelligence platform to analyze whether the environment affects the growth of crops and suggest improvement for the crop growth. In addition, the pests appearing on the sticky board are collected by video screening technology, and the pests and diseases are automatically identified through systematic self-learning.
3. Urban & Rural architecture module: The main difference between urban space and farmland space, which directly leads to different climatic conditions, which makes the difference between cultivated plants and fields in urban space. The module pays unique attention to practical operation and interaction in urban and rural space.
4, Education module: Children know what environment will promote plant growth with the AI platform interaction. Through our AI platform, children, crop experts, farm operators and professor can use the platform to interact and grow food together.

Installation procedure of the product
Hardware Installation:
Step 1: Dig a 50cm pit.
Step 2: Secure the device vertically in the pit
Step 3: Install Battery and ready to use
Step 4: Receiver setup and link up local PC

Software Login or Installation:
Step 1: Visit
password: 123456
Or Download AI farming Technology apk,install and login at
password: 123456
Step 2: Different user accounts has specific profile.
Step 3: After login, user should be able to see the demo registered farmland and AI suggestion action plan
Step 4: Left menu, 1) Home 2) Action Plan with Calendar 3) Full area weather 4) Specific hardware Health
Step 5: Please click or tab 2) Action Plan to see if specific action suggested with indicator detail. The action is easy and everyone should be able to execute without technical knowledge.

AI farmtech Smart v1 is our hardware for environmental data collection. The device integrates 7 different sensors. We use TI's CC2530 chip as the main transmission and monitoring collection device. Our AI farmtech Smart system is integrated and distributed in the market. The device is designed with IP67 waterproof to adapt to the harsh outdoor environment.
management & team members
our main features

We are highly committed to build A.I. platform from Human Experience
Click on the image below to see real action on farmland

aifarmtech ai farm planning

AI farming Platform

Improvement Of farming Through A.I. decison Making, real time Data Collection from AI Farm Tech zigbee Smart v1 And Interaction with Crop Experts

aifarmtech ai smart zigbee ti

AIFarmtech smart v1

real time data collection mesh zhibee network smart device developed by AI FARMING TECHNOLOGY LTD.

aifarmtech field engineer

years on farm experience

1000+ AIFarmtech smart v1 have been installed in farmland worldwild

Patented Algorithms

Applying DBM, Extending CWV and Teaching and Error Correction by LP 

Easy to Use

Easy to use with specific instruction for growing specific crops.

Transparent Farmland Value

Investor able to locate high value farmland for investment.

Crop Expert and Operations Team Support

Our professional team support techincal and operational level tasks.

Low Power Zigbee

Innovation on hardware with low power consumption for data collection and communication.

Responsive A.I.

A.I. platform collects data from farm directly and crop expert review with farmer daily.

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9th Floor, Amtel Building, 148 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Room 812, Unit 2, Phoenix Bld., 2008 Shennan Road, Futian District, ShenZhen
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