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No Poverty, Zero Hunger,
Sustainable Cities on Earth and Space

Sustainable Development Goals To Transform our World

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We educate young farmers & provide sustainable jobs and certification program (CAIFP) for farmers with A.I. farming technology & promote equality.
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ZERO hunger

Standardize the way we grow, Increase Yield by Human Experience & A.I.. Solve the food shortages issue by 2050.
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sustainable First

Create social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural area by effective food growing standard for women and children, older persons and persons with disabilities

SMART A.I. Agriculture

Placing A.I. Farming technology in the hands of those working to solve food shortage issues.
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A.I. Space Program

Our R&D team innovates new standard for growing food with A.I.; Such standard able to use anywhere of the world and even outside the earth.
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Environmental sustainable first

All our IOT 4G/5G/WiFi devices powered by renewable energy. We are protecting the world by growing with green energy and increasing yield of organic food for human.

About Us

We are the innovators and investors in agricultural business covers earth and space

We managed 100000+ acres farming projects and received major awards which endorsed by local government. AI Farming Technology Limited Research and Development team are building new standard for growing food with A.I. everyday. Our patented IOT Device and A.I. algorithm turning data into action with a higher farming standard, and make it sustainable for the earth and prepared for farming in space.

AI Farming Technology Limited developed six modules to support the sustainable development and investment from now to the future.

1) Advanced Technology and High Value farmland investment

We help individual, private and listed company to reach their investment goals through our tailored farmland investment projects.

We approach communications differently and you will hear from us regularly-not just when markets are doing well.

We use the latest blockchain technology to handle contract and transaction with digital currency supported like USDT and Bitcoin. In order to properly use digital or non digital currency, you will need to complete a “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) verification procedure.

2) R&D - IOT, 4G, 5G, Cubesat Devices for extreme weather and space farming communication

Low power consumption solar power Cubesat, 5G/ 4G / WiFi ready IOT for environment data collection and transfer to A.I. cloud server. Another set of IOT modules follows suggestion from A.I. cloud and execute specific farm operations devices. All above IOT hardware, A.I. platform are patented and developed by A.I. Farming Technology Limited R&D team with IP68, JG/T 245-2009 test standard.

3) R&D - A.I. Smart growing Platform

A.I. artificial intelligence platform analyzes whether the environment affects the growth of crops and suggest improvement or actions. A.I. generates suggestion by historical data, growing result and learning from human experts. A.I. platform provides an easy score to indicate growing status.

4) R&D - Urban Area & Rural Area land rebuild

A.I. farming team provide technology and suggestion to rebuild the land for crops growing. We have strategic partnership with Microworld Bio-Technologies Limited to use A.I., Bio-Fertilizer and Ironic water as specific solution for land rebuild.

5) A.I. Coffee growing technology - Strategic Partnership with CUPA TECH INC

CUPA's current interdisciplinary world projects includes, Remote Sensing, Pre-harvest Monitoring of Coffee Cherries with Computer Vision, AI Modeling & Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones).

6) Education and New Jobs

It is urge to enhance the sense of community culture integration of the natural education starting from primary school students to adults; we use A.I. Farming technology architecture platform and certification program (Certified Artificial Intelligence Farming Professional (CAIFP)),ITLab, STEM, AI, Micro:bit, RISC-v to train and bring in new work force to this industry.

Our Sustainable AI Farming Technology Course is world first leading AI Farming Technology course which is managed by Consilium Education Company Limited. It is certified by SDG Impact Council and found to be in accordance with the goal of the Sustainable Development Goals Framework.

7) Space A.I. Farming

Standardize all growing methods with A.I. growing platform from earth to space. We invented space growing device which integrated with our A.I. platform and AIOT Devices. Data transmission is handling by 100+ CubeSat deployments in Low-Earth Orbit, LoRa, 5G, 2.4G and wifi with ground stations.

8) Social Responsibility / Charity with AI FARMING TECHNOLOGY

AI FARMING TECHNOLOGY charities mission is to provide AI FARMING TECHNOLOGY and space communication technology to underserved families in different planets, while increasing the yield of plants and reduce energy use to drive high sustainable world.

To accomplish our mission, we donate to communities worldwide and accept donations of fresh food, seed and new farming technology and repurpose them for distribution to other nonprofits serving the worldwide community or directly to those in need.

Management & Team members

Main features

We are highly committed to build A.I. platform from Human Experience

aifarmtech ai farm planning

AI farming Platform

A.I. decision Making, real time control farm operations with automation devices.

aifarmtech ai smart zigbee ti

Patented IOT Devices

Real time data collection low power consumption smart device developed by AI FARMING TECHNOLOGY LTD.

aifarmtech field engineer

A.I. Managed Farmlands

1000+ AIFarmtech smart v1 have been installed in farmland globally

Patented Algorithms

Applying DBM, Extending CWV and Teaching and Error Correction by LP 

Easy to Use

Easy to use with specific instruction for growing specific crops.

Transparent Farmland Value

Investor able to locate high value farmland for investment.

Crop Expert and Operations Team Support

Our professional team support technical and operational level tasks.

Low Power AIOT + Cubesat

Innovation on hardware with low power consumption for data collection and communication globally.

Responsive A.I. + Spectrum

A.I. platform collects data from farm directly and crop expert review with farmer daily.

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Marketing and Communication

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+852 6954-4139

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Amtel Building, 144-148 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

International Education Program

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+852 2718-3388

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6/F, Mongkok Harbour Centre, 638 Shanghai Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Canada Strategic Development

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+1 236-838-1028

Location Address

CUPA TECH INC, 988 Quayside Dr, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

International Awards and News

Congrats on EBZ and AI Farming Team winning International ICT Award,
Patented Space A.I., Setilelite and IOT Low Power Consumption Green Technology

AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam
AI Farming EBZ  ICT Carrie Lam